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Creative Learning In Preschool & Kindergarten Classrooms

Annabel's Early Years puts emphasize on a creative curriculum in classrooms to give children the opportunity to express themselves through a variety of medium including art, music, and language. Instead of focusing on class work and home work, we stray from the traditional learning system by encouraging imagination and creativity — the two traits that will fuel their future.

A child's preschool and kindergarten years are times in their lives in which they are most creative. Our curriculum successfully removes constraints for creativity to give the appropriate space and framework in which they can be in their most imaginative and creative state, giving students the opportunity to make decisions in an environment in which they feel most comfortable about taking risks and making the right decisions.

Child's Image

At Annabel’s we see our children as strong, capable and resilient; they are rich with wonder and knowledge. We believe that this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand the world around them and their place within it.

We firmly believe that the ‘early years’ of a child’s life is the most important time to begin developing a life-long love of learning and the skills necessary to thrive in the modern world. Play based learning and exploration are fundamental to early education and to this we add our own, unique, international perspective. Our vision of a child is closely reflected in the Reggio approach to early childhood education which believes children use many different ways to show their understanding and that they express their thoughts through creativity. Children at Annabel’s Kindergarten and Preschool draw, sculpt, dance, move and role-play. Children have a hundred different ways of thinking, of discovering, of learning. At Annabel’s each one of these ‘languages’ is valued and nurtured.


Working in the Atelier is about listening, allowing a child to explore their thoughts and then responding to their observations. It’s about guiding and strengthening and providing a safe space to discover and grow. Our Atelier is a magical space brimming with light, creativity and curiosity. When children and adults alike enter the space, they often take a deep breath and feel an energy that is difficult to describe in written words.