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What parents say

Dominique, Saffron and Curtis

Both our children attended Annabel’s from the age of 2 to 5 years old. Annabel’s is simply a wonderful place for the little ones to spend their early years. The school has a lovely, nurturing atmosphere with fantastic staff, from Annabel herself to the TAs and the very comprehend security/parking attendant!

Dominique Larsimont, the mother of Saffron and Curtis Rhodes Stampa, UK

Anchalika, Max and Oscar

I have visited many preschools in Bangkok and made my choice to enroll both of my sons at Annabel’s, and I was not disappointed. The first thing that impressed me was the environment, the cleanliness of the ground, the beautifully kept garden and play area, then the class rooms which are spacious, well-appointed and so very well thought through with natural lights in all classes and ample of space that while there are many toys and books, are organized and planned. Then the teachers and all the staffs are exceptional, genuine and warm. It makes for a truly nurturing environment that encourage discovery and learning and growing up experience for my children.

I am a working mon, and I have enrolled each of my sons in since they were 1.5 year old as I believe that the care and learning experience at Annabel’s can provide is much better than I can with my nanny at home. I am a big fan of Annabel’s and can highly recommend this great preschool for any parents who want to give their children one the best education and growing experiences in Thailand.

Anchalika Kijkanakorn, the mother of Max and Oscar de Baets

Nikki and Kaia Hay

We heard about this wonderful school called Annabel’s from several different people, before we had even moved to Bangkok so we knew it had to be something pretty special! Our daughter Kaia has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Annabel’s, and it has been a real pleasure watching her learn and grow in such a nurturing and loving environment. A big thank you to Annabel and all the incredible staff for creating an amazing little heaven from which our precious ones can start their school life. All the very best wishes for the future. The Hay Family xx

Tani and Ines Sofia and Java Sienna

*An Ode to Annabel’s*

From the very first moment that I brought my twin girls to school – on their very first day – I knew Annabel’s was the perfect place for them. Actually I knew it before, when I met Annabel and she shown me round the green and leafy grounds. That warmth, that welcome – all those questions answered with a bright smile. Of course, I’d only heard good things about the school, so I was already a bit biased. The debut day, when I left my children with their Bluebells class – they had barely turned two – they didn’t so much as a shed a tear. A very excellent sign!

Fast forward three years – and my twins are graduating from Lilies class. If there’s one thing I wish, it would be that Annabel’s went all the way up to post graduate. These three years at Annabel’s have been beyond wonderful. Every aspect of Annabel’s has been superb. From the classrooms, to the teachers, to the helpers, to the environment, to the learning, to the playing, to the performances, to the after school activities. To the attention to detail and the thought behind all the activity geared to nurturing little children. Annabel’s is a school that radiates harmony and love. That is no cliché. Inside the gate, you step into a sort of magical world, where children are prized, and the learning, investigation, exploration, discovery, and creation (always with safety in mind) are prioritized to the exclusion of everything. Thankfully, I will forever have reminders of Annabel’s – the potpourri of artwork amasses over the years fills the house…how lucky my girls have been to have such boundless opportunities to paint, draw, build, glue, sculpt, and mesh together a thousand different materials in all sorts of colours, with deft, patient, expert hands overseeing everything. Annabel herself is a fairy sent down from planet kindergarten to give children their first unforgettable experience of school – something that is priceless. Annabel is unique and Annabel’s shinning spirit is imprinted on everything. So, to the Annabel’s family, a mighty big thank you – we are indebted to you in more ways that I can ever say.

Love Tani Ruiz, mother of Ines Sofia and Java Sienna



Ruth and Charlotte Baker

Charlotte started at Annabel’s Early Years when she was 18 months old. She has loved everyminute of her time now. She has thrived in the nurturing environment that Annabel and her staff have created. We have never worried about her there and have so enjoyed watching her learn and grow in independence, in the  4 years she has been wit Annabel’s.

Charlotte has loved the daily school activities – water play, arts and craft, singing/stories, but has also enjoyed her ECAs – baller, tennis, Thai and the Summer school. She has made some wonderful friends in her time at Annabel’s, and has bonded with her teachers.

We are sad that Charlotte’s time at Annabel’s has come to an en, but are so proud and thankful to see her so well prepared for “big school”. It is a wonderful environment and we are sure Charlotte’s sister will love it too when she starts in September. Ruth Baker, the mother of Charlotte Baker

Stephanie and Ryan Svensson

We feel so lucky to have discovered Annabel’s Early Years School!

Our son Ryan has been a student at Annabel’s since he was two years old. He is now five and will be graduating in July. If it were at all possible, we would have enrolled Ryan at Annabel’s for even onger because we love this school so much!

With a home – like environment, friendly atmosphere, and a dedicated team of teachers and assistants, Annabel’s has made a world od difference in my son’s social and academic development. The teachers at Annabel’s are superb: patient, kind and caring, with a terrific talent for creating fun and beautiful arts and crafts projects for the children.

We will miss being part of Annabel’s school community and we will be back at the earliest opportunity to visit our friends there. Thank you for helping Ryan grow into the happy and confident boy he is today. Stephanie, the mother of Ryan Svensson

Cheers! Marije

Our daughter Tess attended Annabel’s Early Years since age of 15 months, first only 3 days a week but soon expanding into 4 and later 5 days a week. She had a great time! The teachers and assistants at Annabel’s are very sweet and caring.

The first years, I think up to K1, the accent is on ‘learning by playing’, following the interests of the children and building themes around their interests. From K1 it very gradually gets a bit more serious and in K2 a solid foundation for an easy transfer into a ‘big’ school is laid. I think it’s the perfect build-up.


Annabel’s organizes many extra activities throughout the year: international day, sports day, book week, teddy bear picknick, etc. Involvement of the parents is highly appreciated, you can come into the class reading a book or organizing a handicraft project. In liaison with the teachers many things are possible. School lunches are healthy and tasty. Communication is open, friendly and sufficient.

Unfortunately we moved back to our home-country just before Tess would graduate from Annabel’s. I can only hope her new school will be as nice as Annabel’s! I would highly recommend Annabel’s to any parent.


Marije Hoogendoorn-Bruins Slot




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