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Preparing Your Child

Starting School

The first few days starting in a new school can be worrying for both parents and children.  To help you through this stage, here is some advice and information to help your child settle into the new environment.  As a parent, you know best when it comes to your child, however with our past experience, we hope to provide you with some helpful hints and advice.

Before starting at Annabel’s Early Years

We encourage you to bring your son or daughter along for a visit so they can meet their teacher, see the classroom and the school in which they will become an important part.  On your visit, point out that there are no Mummies or Daddies around, talk about the fun that the children are having and all the activities that are different to what they play at home.  After your visit we suggest that you read books about starting preschool or school and talk about all the exciting things that will happen during their days at school.  Try and reassure your child by talking about what their school experience will be like and what feelings they may have on the first day.

Saying Goodbye

When your child is settling into starting school, we suggest that you come early and spend time with your child in our Garden, the teacher will play alongside you and your child so they can begin building that very important student/teacher relationship. When saying goodbye to your child, it should not be a long and drawn out affair.  If parents appear anxious and unwilling to say goodbye, the children will feel the same way and will do their best to prevent the parent leaving.  Be positive and confident and your child will also be positive and confident and will quickly settle in to the routine of the school day.  It is also important to say goodbye and not sneak away hoping your child will not see you. If your child cries in the morning when you say good bye don’t worry!  This will stop once the child becomes accustomed to the new environment and has bonded with his or her classmates,teacher, assistants and nannies.

End of the Day

Always arrive on time when school ends.  If this is not possible and you are going to be late please call the office so we can inform the teacher and they can talk to your child to prepare them.




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