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Our main focus at this level lies in developing the children's skills in the strands of the Prime Area’s of learning:  Personal, Social and Emotional, Physical Development and Communication and Language.  It is these skills that create the building blocks for future learning.


The environment is set up in a fun and interactive way to ensure a rich learning experience for the children.


The students are supported by our caring staff and who work closely with parents to ensure a home and school partnership.

Everything we do has a reason behind it. You see a big messy painting, we see children making their own choices, concentrating while carrying out their ideas, adapting their ideas, communicating with their friends, negotiating with their friends, learning that marks on a page can carry a message, development of gross and fine motor skills, learning colours, seeing cause and effect – the list goes on and on!  Play is so important at this age, and at Annabel’s we carefully plan for play to meet your child’s learning needs.


Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten

Our day always starts in our garden, where parents can chat to the classroom teacher about how their child is doing. Children then move inside just before 9am.  A child’s day in Nursery and Pre-K is full of songs, laughter, playing, painting and friendship.  Teachers work on children’s developmental needs through play based learning in a rich language environment.

Kindergarten 0

Children turn 3 by the 31st of August are in this classroom.  We have two K0 classes, Marigolds and Buttercups.  Teachers carefully set up their classroom environments to ensure that children’s interests are followed and expanded upon.  Teaching staff work on individual skills, based on learning goals as set out by the EYFS.  With children’s language and social skills growing, at this age it is so important to give children to space to explore and discover who they are.


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