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Kindergarten Two

Our K2 classroom are our oldest students at Annabel’s, they will turn 5 before leaving us to move on to Primary School. We ask that our K2 students come 5 days a week to ensure that they adjust in a small environment to the demands of coming to school every day.  We work closely with the bigger international schools such as NIST, Pattana and St Andrews to ensure that there is a smooth transition for our children into their primary education.

In K2 we remain playful in the way we deliver our curriculum, while having high expectations of our student’s skill development.  It is important that when our students leave us that an Annabel’s child is not only achieving academically, but also that each child has the skills to be a powerful learner.


We focus on developing a “Growth Mind Set” in our learners.  Helping our children understand that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.


Brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.


At K2 we introduce formalized phonics lessons, as well as guided reading sessions.  Children work in small groups with their teachers.  The teachers work on specific objectives and skills and also help our children adjust to a more formalized way of learning, similar to a Year One Classroom.  These skills are then practised and strengthened within a play environment, helping children become responsible for their learning, thinking and basic planning using their own ideas.

As with all our classes we work closely with our students to they have well developed Personal, Social and Emotional skills.


Children in Kindergarten two need to be able leave Annabel’s with the skills to manage their own feelings and behaviour and to be aware of the impact they can have on others.   Students need to be able to discover who they are and how to work cooperatively with others.


We work with our students to show a sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, while at the same time balancing their own needs and wants.


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