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Kindergarten One

We have two Kindergarten One classes.  Children in this class turn 4 by the 31st of August.  Our classroom environment reflects the interests of our children and we build on learning opportunities based around these interests.  Our classrooms become vets, bakeries, cafes, space ships etc.  Within these role-play areas the children have planned opportunities to engage in early numeracy, literacy skills and at the same time as work on social, language and physical skills.

In Kindergarten One we start Letters and Sounds with a phonics programme from England.  At this age it is very playful, focusing primarily on listening and speaking skills.  Language development goes hand and hand with literacy skills.  We need to help take children on a journey of literacy development in a way which meaningfully connects to their world.  Play is a perfect vehicle for this to happen and without children realizing it, they are building their power as a learner in relation to their skills in reading and writing.  In Kindergarten One we work on children seeing themselves as able writers and celebrate their achievements as a part of this journey.


Teacher’s formulate your children’s next steps in all areas of learning development.  They then use the platform of play to enhance each child’s skills.  For example: At the water tray a teacher can focus on mathematic strand, prompting children to use more or less, make it full or empty, expanding on these concepts depending on each child’s developmental needs.


We have an outdoor area for the K1 children to share, so children can move both in and outdoors to learn.  They also have Thai language classes, Dance and movement and Gymnastics as a part of their Kindergarten One programme.


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