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Annabel’s Early Years has actively developed a curriculum that we hope not only inspires but excites our students. Whilst we hold true to the principles of the English National Curriculum which provides a framework for our key teaching and learning intentions.  At Annabel’s we firmly believe that what children learn is important, but how they learn is even more important if they are to become learners for life in today’s society.


The British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) covers all aspects of learning for the first 5 years of a child’s education. It helps us to benchmark internationally our expectations and set high standards for student development.  The acquisition of skills and knowledge in a vibrant play environment is at the heart of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We cultivate a love of learning across a broad and balanced curriculum, where an enchantment with books, language and self expression, as well as a genuine interest in numerical concepts and the world around them is encouraged. This is achieved through creative and integrated learning experiences in a stimulating environment where children feel valued, confident and independent.


In our classrooms we work on a cycle of observation, assessment and planning.  This means that each child’s individual learning needs are catered for.  We believe that it is important that we let a child develop skills at their speed, and therefor having individual goals for children is of upmost importance, not only for their development but also for maintaining their motivation and a positive “can do” attitude.

We have further details of our comprehensive curriculum which we will be very happy to discuss with parents of our students and prospective parents.


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