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Community Social Responsibility

At Annabel’s we believe that we are privileged to be able to provide for our students the education they deserve.


We are a community minded school, that believes that we have a social responsibility to support not only our local community, but also national and global communities in need of help.  We have a school ethos of giving and aim to install this value and understanding into our students.  Even at this young age it is important that children have empathy and develop an understanding for others less fortunate than themselves.  We believe that involvement of our children in the planning of our fundraising efforts empowers them to see how they can make a difference in someone else’s life. We want our students to understand the importance of making the world a better place.  We are just a small school but we have a very big heart and we can make a big difference.

Charity Art Auction

At Annabel’s we have an annual “Art Auction.”  Over the academic year the children cooperatively create pieces of art in their classroom.  In June we open the “Annabel’s Art Gallery” and invite our parents to bid for the pieces that catch their eye, in a blind auction.   Each year we choose a local, child centered charity to support.  Over the years we have donated to Charities such as: The Father Ray Foundation, Operation Smile, The Refugee detention Centre, Gift of Happiness, In search of Sanuk.  We continue to reach out to charities that are less known, so if you know of anyone we can support please send us the information.


Christmas Appeal

Every year in December we have a “Shoe Box Christmas Appeal”. This started with the purpose of trying to teach our students that Christmas is about giving, and not just about receiving presents (which is a difficult concept when you are only 3 or 4!).  We ask that our parents involve their children in thinking about what toys a child of their age would want.  We also encourage parents to include some basics for these children, like tooth paste and brushes and paper and pencils, things their own children take for granted.  These shoe boxes are then placed under our Christmas tree and then distributed to orphanages in Thailand.  In 2014 our lovely gifts went all the way up to Mai Sot Tak province of Northern Thailand with the Gift of Happiness foundation.  Bringing smiles to children who have so little is very rewarding.

Emergency Fundraising Efforts

When a Natural disaster hits, an International community feels the ripple affect, and at Annabel’s we also feel a responsibility to help.  Annabel’s Early Years has raised  funds and supported families through the 2004 Tsunami,  Christchurch Earthquake, Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami,  Philippine’s Typhoon Haiyan and more recently the devastating earthquakes in Nepal.   Our older children have come up with many ideas about how to help these communities.  For example, our Kindergarten Two children made and designed bags to sell to raise funds for the people of Japan.  In 2014 our children made a lemonade stand and sold fresh lemonade to parents to help homeless people in the Philippines.  In 2015 we raised over 80,000baht for the people of Nepal, with the children opening and running  “Annabel’s Café”  in our school gym – with some parents independently carrying the idea through to their work place (making a cake and “selling it” to their colleagues) to raise additional funds.


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