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After School Activities

When the children reach Kindergarten One they can choose to stay after school to participate in the following activities:


With qualified gymnastics teachers, in which children learn basic elements of gymnastics on the floor mat, balance beam and trampoline.  Gymnastics teaches children to develop good co-ordination, balance, creation of purposeful movement, good sense of rhythm and correct posture.

Science Club

Inquiry based learning on a range of topics which follow child’s interests.  Getting children to question and explore that world around them.  Many activities have art and crafts and other language based.

Art Club

With a professional art teacher.  Children will be taught the process, skills and knowledge of different mediums of art.  They get the opportunity to develop their creativity and while focusing on building up foundation skills to enable them to carry out their ideas.

Thai Club

Learn and practice the language of the country in which we live. Classes are based on children’s needs and each individual’s level of Thai. Children who are both first language speakers as well as second language speakers can join in this class.

Tennis Club

Our instructors specialise in teaching Early Years children tennis skills.  A fantastically fun way for young children to develop their hand-eye coordination.


Not just for girls! As well as physical fitness and exercise, important skills are developed during Ballet such as balance, and spacial awareness, hand eye and eye foot co-ordination, physical skills, jumping, hopping.


U can kick it, come and play with Lenny the Lion and Nelly the Elephant. The purpose is to develop football skills in each the children. Real football is played with mini games with our students.

For details of our After School activities please contact the school office. Please note that the ECAs carry additional cost to school fees.


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